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    Alkitab The Passion Translation (English Version) Brown Faux Lea Rp600.000,00 Rp540.000,00

    Alkitab The passion Translation (English Version) ini hadir dengan bahan kulit berwarna coklat (Brown Faux Leather) terlihat eksklusif untuk Anda.

    About every hundred years or so the vocabulary of people undergoes a dramatic change. In this era of modern technology the shift is even more rapid. Therefore, it is important to keep translations of the Bible in step with changes in the English language. Thatís where The Passion Translation comes in

    The Passion Translation brings Godís fiery heart of love and truth to this generation using Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic manuscripts, bringing them together with the emotion and truth of Godís Word, resulting in a clear, accurate, readable translation for modern English readers. God refuses to meet us only intellectually

    God also wants to meet us at a heart level, so we must let the words go heart deep. His words go right through the human soul and into our spirits. There is a language of the heart that must express the passion of God's love. Thatís why The Passion Translation is an important addition to peoplesí devotional and spiritual life with Christ.

    Pengarang: Brian Simmons
    Produk ini ditambahkan ke katalog pada Wednesday 11 April, 2018.
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